Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin (often abbreviated to CO) is a document used in international trade. It traditionally states from what country the shipped goods originate, but “originate” in a CO does not mean the country the goods are shipped from, but the country where there goods are actually made. This raises a definition problem in cases where less than 100% of the raw materials and processes and added value are not all from one country. An often used practice is that if more than 50% of the sales price of the goods originate from one country, that country is acceptable as the country of origin (then the “national content” is more than 50%). In various international agreements, other percentages of national content are acceptable.

When countries unite in trading agreements, they may allow Certificate of Origin to state the trading bloc as origin, rather than the specific country.

The document may be informal, i.e. issued for example by the exporter, but often the importing country may require a formal document, often to be confirmed by an official body in the exporting country.


For non-members -250 Baht
For members -150 Baht ONLY

We are pleased to inform you that we have set up two new Certificate of Origin stations for your convenience. Now you can contact the following places to get your Certificate of Origin certified, starting from Monday 24th September 2007.

Get Your ITCC Certificate of Origin attested at these Places


ITCC Office

India – Thai Chamber of Commerce

Sathorn Soi 1, Thungmahamek, Bangkok 10120

Authorized By:

Mr. Shiv Narian Singh

Assistant officer ITCC Secretariat

Tel : 02-287-3001-2


75/62 Ocean Tower 2, 27th Floor,

Sukhumvit Soi 19 Road. Klongtoey Nue, Wattana, Bangkok  10110

Authorized By:

Mr. S.S. Phhol

Chief Operating Officer

Tel : 02-6616522



Authorized By:

Mr. Suphat Sivasriuamphai

ITCC President

Tel : 0-2261-5977-80

Fill out the form to request a certificate.

Process of fill out the form to request a certificate.

  1. 1. Filling out the form completely.
  2. 2. Checked, and click the “Summit” to confirm and send the information to the administrator.
  3. 3. Click the “Print” to print the document. or click the”Save” to save the information stored on your computer.
  4. 4. To print documents with the authorities to confirm the original document at a given location.

or Download CO form (Word document format) Here