Dining Area/Long Room

    1.1 Rate for half day use, up to 4 (Four) hours, will be 3,000 (Three Thousand) Baht

    1.2 Rate for full day use, up to 8 (Eight) hours, will be 5,000 (Five Thousand) Baht

Remark: There will be an extra charge of 750 (Seven Hundred Fifty) Baht per hour for using beyond the time allotted.

*In addition to the above, please note that you should pay for maid and operator charges which is charged at 500 Baht per person for half day and 1000 Baht per person for full day.
*Anyone using the hall or meeting room has to make their own arrangements for food/snacks/coffee/tea. ITCC does not provide any food/catering services for the charges mentioned above.

We offer 20% discount to our members.

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