Commerce flourished between India and Thailand long before the advent of the India-Thai Chamber of Commerce, which officially came into being in 1974, known then as the Indian Society of Trade. In 1968, an Act of parliament of the Royal Thai Government delineated the rules governing the incorporation of foreign chambers of trade in Thailand. It was this point in time of the Chamber’s history that its name was changed from the Indian Society of Trade to the India Chamber of Trade, and the body was formally registered on the 15th of January 1969.

As an association committed of the furtherance of the business interests of the Thai-Indian business community, the India Chamber of Trade took on the more appropriate appellation of India-Thai Chamber of Commerce in 1944.

Though its earliest beginnings are shrouded in “blankets of communal amnesia”, as one journalist put it, the history of the Chamber goes back much further than its official incorporation as a registered body, in 1968.

It can, therefore, be truthfully stated that the India-Thai Chamber of Commerce is amongst the oldest, if not actually the oldest, foreign trade chamber in the Kingdom of Thailand.

The land on which the Chamber stands today was gifted by Mr. A.E. Nana, founding patron of the Nana family, and the foundation stone laying ceremony in 1960 was presided over by the Indian Ambassador to Thailand, His Excellency Sardar Naranjan Singh Gill.


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