INDIA-THAI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE The complex nature of the Chamber’s duties cover
not only commercial but also social and cultural interests.
INDIA-THAI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE The complex nature of the Chamber’s duties cover
not only commercial but also social and cultural interests.
The complex nature of the Chamber’s duties cover
not only commercial but also social and cultural interests.
INDIA-THAI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE The complex nature of the Chamber’s duties cover
not only commercial but also social and cultural interests.


The ITCC is a not-for-profit organisation that is recognised by and registered with both the Thai and Indian government. The ITCC is an industry-led and industry-managed organisation. A President, Vice-President, and other committee members are elected through the annual general meeting of the ITCC to head the Chamber.

The committee is the governing body and holds the responsibility to select sub-committee members. As with all presidents of the Chamber of Commerce in Thailand, the President of the ITCC is also a member of the Thai Board of Trade, representing the interests of the ITCC and ensuring the members have due access to the government. The ITCC is a form of business network which plays an active role in the relationship between the business communities of both India and Thailand.


India Thai Chamber of Commerce strives to be the catalyst that empowers its members to capitalize on opportunities and remove barriers by utilizing ITCC’s unique platform to work with government & non-government stakeholders to enhance their business. ITCC facilitates business prospects by optimizing synergies between Thai and Indian businesses and raising standards for delivering responsible and sustainable business platforms. ITCC operates on strong ethics and values which enhance the integrity of the Chamber as the premier business association trusted by businesses and government alike.


To ensure we deliver the Objectives of the ITCC Constitution by enhancing the programs that are directly related to business success of our members; improving the capability of the Chamber Secretariat to be a catalyst for delivering strategies; strengthening our relations with the Thai Government and trade agencies; and empowering our e-presence to improve communications and accessibility.


  • Maintain awareness of key issues at the local and national level
  • Provide business with education through dinner talks and seminars
  • Organize networking events
  • Help create market for products of members by organizing fairs and exhibitions
  • Helping members to set up businesses in Thailand/India by providing legal and investment related news.
  • Addressing member’s grievances, issues with proper government authorities thru common forum of Chamber
  • Working with other trade bodies and chambers of commerce to represent common interests and objectives of members.
  • Publicizing members’ achievements to the community
  • Reaching out constantly and helping on humanitarian causes.
  • Providing Certificate of Origin
  • Storehouse of information on current business trends and public policies
  1. Agriculture and Agricultural Industries, Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  2. Services – Financial, Economic, IT, Insurance, Consultative, Logistics, Media, Healthcare, Accounting, Other Professional Service
  3. Property & Construction, Real Estate and Land Development
  4. Diamond, Precious stones, jewelry and Precious Metals
  5. SME – Small, Medium Enterprises (Businesses having audited revenues of not more than THB 10 million & having 5 employees or less)
  6. Garments & Textiles
  7. Hospitality Industry-Hotels, Restaurants, Tourist related business
  8. Industrial & Manufacturing (not being part of any other sector), Power & Automotives, Energy, Mining, Pharmaceuticals

The complex nature of the Chamber’s duties cover not only commercial but also social and cultural interests. One of the Chamber’s principal commercial activities is to help its members decide upon possible courses of investment in business and trade in Thailand. The Chamber monitors changes in government regulations affecting trade and industry and keeps its members posted with updates. The issuance of certificates of origin of goods exported by its members is another of the Chamber’s activities. Under its Articles of Association, the India-Thai Chamber of Commerce is empowered to arbitrate in disputes between its members, provided the issues are brought to its attention. Read More


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Message from Mr. Ravi Sehgal

You may be acutely aware that we share similar challenges within our community. We live in an economy that is growing but can be volatile due to external forces. Rather than focusing on the past, we must now look to the future, lending each other mutual support and encouragement. The broad diaspora in Thailand lends weight and credibility to our message that helping each other is the backbone and foundation of a Chamber of Commerce.

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Message from H. E. Mrs. Suchitra Durai, Ambassador of India to Thailand. 

India Thai Chamber of Commerce (ITCC) has a long history of promoting India-Thailand trade and investment relations and has played a stellar role in further strengthening economic and commercial relations of India and Thailand. Since its inception in 1974, ITCC has been proactive and one of the most successful foreign business chambers involved with India.

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Message from H.E. Mr. B S Bishnoi, Ambassador of India to Thailand.
“I am happy to learn that the India-Thailand Chamber of commerce is launching a new website. ITCC Since its establishment in 1974, has played important role in supporting the development and expansion of indian companies in Thailand as well as strengthening the India-Thailand Economic and Commercial Relations. It is one of the more successful chambers of India abroad. ITCC has worked closely with the embassy of India in Bangkok and partnered with us in strengthening the Bilateral relations.”

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Certificate of Origin

A certificate of Origin (often abbreviated to CO) is document used in international trade.A Certificate of Origin (often abbreviated to CO) is a document used in international trade. It traditionally states from what country the shipped goods originate, but “originate” in a CO does not mean the country the goods are shipped from, but the country where there goods are actually made. This raises a definition problem in cases where less than 100% of the raw materials and processes and added value are not all from one country. An often used practice is that if more than 50% of the sales price of the goods originate from one country, that country is acceptable as the country of origin (then the “national content” is more than 50%). In various international agreements, other percentages of national content are acceptable.


Mr. Ravi Sehgal

  • Ravi Sehgal
  • Somsong Sachaphimukh
    Vice President
  • Arvind (Joy) Sachdev
    Honorary Secretary
  • Sushil Kumar Dhanuka
    Honorary Treasurer
  • Jaimal Thakral
    Joint-Honorary Secretary
  • Manu Bhardwaj
    Joint-Honorary Treasurer
  • Deepak (Danny) Sajnani
    – Executive Director
  • Dipak Shahthanawuth
    – Executive Director
  • Beena Hora
    – Executive Director
  • Dinesh Agaskar
    – Executive Director
  • Samir Yamdagni
    – Executive Director
  • Ajit Mehta
    Executive Director

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  • Ms. Nikhita Bhatia
    – Executive Manager
  • Ms. Napasaploy Meekong
    – Assistant Officer
  • Mr. Shiv Narain Singh
    – Senior Operator

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One of the important constituents of the Chamber is to find ways to
benefit the members in their business. With a view to bringing
members together, we introduce a  “Members Card Privilege”
programme. Read More


India Thai Chamber of Commerce

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