You have the knowledge, the experience, the potential, the fire in your belly to change the circumstances. That’s why you are a business owner. Join the committee(s) of your choice and have a direct impact on the future of your community while promoting your business.

1. Ordinary Member: The I.T.C.C. consists of members domiciled in Thailand, and the majority of whom are juristic persons having commercial activities with Indian nationals or Thai citizens of Indian origin as partners or shareholders holding more than 15% of the capital, including branches of juristic persons registered in Thailand or abroad.

2. Honorary Member: Honorary Member is a person with qualification or a person rendering benefaction to the I.T.C.C. and who has been invited by the executive committee to be such member.

3. Associate Member: Any juristic person or ethnic Indian individual of good standing who is not eligible for ordinary membership shall be eligible for associate membership upon the approval of the executive committee.(Separate form for Juristic Person and Individual member)

4. The applicant must submit the application form produced by I.T.C.C. with the fees to the Hon. Secretary or to the Secretariat. The applicant must be introduced by an ordinary member and another member will verify the application. After the secretary has certified, the application will be forwarded to the executive committee for consideration. All fees must be paid by Account Payee Cheque only

The secretary shall inform the applicant of the result of the application in writing. Fees shall be refunded, within 60 days of payment, to the applicant whose application has been rejected.

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