The Board of Directors of the India Thai Chamber of Commerce have developed an ambitious and exciting new plan of hosting events covering various aspects of the Constitution – business, social and cultural, running through to April 2017.

The India Thai Chamber of Commerce invites you to be a part of this everything-to-gain programme. As a sponsor for an event you would

  1. *have your company name and/or logo displayed on all regular ITCC events,
  2. *gain maximum exposure and mileage.
  3. *Some super special benefits as listed on page 2

Enclosed are the details of the programme. If you want any further details or want to have some discussions, please contact the ITCC Secretariat or any of the Directors and we shall be happy to resolve any queries you may have.

Besides the general sponsorship package discussed here, the ITCC plan to introduce special branding packages for sports events, eg “XXX CO ITCC Golf Tournament”, “ZZZ Co ITCC badminton Tournament” where some of the benefits would be as listed on page 3.

All funds raised will be used solely for the purpose of hosting events for the benefit of ITCC members.

Looking forward to your call.

India Thai Chamber of Commerce Sponsorship Package
Sponsorship Programme
Benefits 30,000.00 50,000.00 1,00,000.00 2,50,000.00
1 Invitation to all ITCC events * yes yes yes yes
2 Recognition with announcement and Certificate at AGM at end of term yes yes yes yes
3 Email Blast (non-transferrable) Once Twice Four times 8 times
4 Name only (List) on all event backdrops (where appropriate) * yes
5 Name & Logo on all event backdrops (where appropriate)* yes yes yes
6 Name only (List) on main Website Page (Size appropriated) * yes
7 Name & Logo on main Website page (size appropriated) yes yes yes
8 Name only (List) on Event Invitation cards (where printed) yes yes yes
9 Name and Logo on Event Incitation cards (where printed) yes yes yes
10 One page on upcoming Website with link on Main page yes
11 Name on Specially made Banner at ITCC (upto term of Committee) yes yes yes
12 ITCC “Sponsor” Card for use with Membership Privileges Programme 2 3 5
13 Half-Day use of ITCC Convention Hall – FOC (Transferrable) Once Twice
14 Privileged Invitation to Corporate Sponsored events (non-ITCC event), where held yes yes
15 Company Presentation (not more than 180 seconds) at appropriate events (Max 2 events) yes yes
16 Preferrential Seating for 1 rep at not more than 2 ITCC events yes yes
17 Accompany President/Other ITCC rep while presenting Souvenir/Bouquet to Chief Guests yes
18 Complementary Seating for one Couple at Head Table at Diwali Ball Gala yes


  1. The Executive Committee of the ITCC retains the right to change terms and conditions where necessitated.
  2. In case not more than one sponsor can be accomodated, lots may be drawn. Winner will out of draw at next draw.
  3. Special Sports Events and Diwali Gala are not included, except where explicitly stated.
  4. The duration of this sponsorship package runs from date of enrolment upto Elections in 2017.
  5. In case of any dispute, the decision of the Executive Committee will be final.

* The Diwali Ball and Sports Tournaments will not be part of above package.

Separate Sports Event branding is available. Please inquire if interested

Yes denotes Availability of benefit.

There will be a deadline of 24-8-2015 for item no. 11 above.