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Mr. Raju B. Manwani – Chairperson

Mr. Harsh Sethi

Mr. Samir Yamdagni

Mr. Amit Lal Singh

Mr. Samson Prakash Masih


The ICT subcommittee was empowered with a desire to look into the following:

  • An updated website with more features for members, and its regular maintenance. Website to having varied features which will be added on a continual basis.
  • Encourage members and visitors to take an active interest in the ITCC through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
  • Enhance Capabilities of regular emails, ensuring that all members are appraised of all ITCC activities
  • Update the networking capabilities of the ITCC, including possibility of Live Feeds of Events.
  • Ensure proper backups with data security and integrity.
  • Network the entire ITCC premises, including Convention Hall so as to provide value-added service to Hall tenants.


  • New website www.itccthailand.com is now live
  • Earlier domain www.itcc.or.th has been redirected
  • Email dispatch system has now been regularized
  • Approval obtained from Board of Directors to ensure network connectivity throughout the ITCC premises. Final negotiations are ongoing and this will be in place soon.
  • Upgrading computer systems and unifying data with constant backups and security. This is an ongoing and continuous process