We all share challenges within our community. This is a growing but somewhat shaky economy that should be focusing on looking to the future. Our will to succeed is found in knowing that we are not alone, and now more than ever, it is critical that we work together, hand in hand to find solutions and effect change. Strength in numbers lends weight and credibility to our message and it is the backbone and foundation of a Chamber of Commerce.
Thailand has recently been fortunate to have a new monarch, King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun: I have no doubt that his presence will lead us to great things and strengthen our chamber presence in Thailand and within the Thai community as well as India. Trade between India and Thailand is on the rise. A major factor of this is that Thailand is heading the ASEAN countries and will be hosting the major summit soon. This brings about recognition and opportunity and a chance for us as a Chamber to extend our hand to India and other neighboring countries to show that we are open to business opportunities and collaborations.
Also the emerging national economies of BRICS will also hold a presence in my reign as president. We will be strengthening our relationships with these Chambers as India is involved and we will also play an active role in maintaining this.
We are fortunate to have a large and diverse membership rich in expertise and experience. We draw support from our team who between them run successful business and act as serving members of our community. These individuals understand that our strength lies in our ability to work together and they are willing to contribute their time and talents to sustain a strong and dynamic organization vital to the Indian Thai Chamber of Commerce.
With over 300 plus members, we have developed an extensive network offering an abundance of business and marketing opportunities to ensure the community’s continued prosperity. Acting as a communication hub, we are able to provide our members with late breaking news on critical business issues and their impending impact. And our wide range of educational materials and opportunities allows our members to continue to sharpen their professional skills. Without question, we are an organization committed to building a strong prosperous and thriving community.

Mr. Ravi Sehgal